Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mary Jo Kilroy, US House candidate from OH

In one of the most sought-after seats of the upcoming election, Mary Jo Kilroy of Ohio is poised to complete the Democratic sweep of the state. Scandal and mistrust have slowly caused the state to grow further from it's GOP roots and support the Democrats. Kilroy appeared to have won the House seat in 2006, but a re-count gave the win to Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce. Pryce has since announced her retirement, and a clear replacement for the seat is yet to surface for the Ohio GOP. Many see this race as quite winnable for the Cleveland, OH native.

Kilroy attended Cleveland State University for her undergraduate work, and attained her JD from The Ohio State University. Following her time in private practice as a partner at an Ohio law firm, Kilroy proceeded to serve on a public school board and county commissioner. The 2006 election found Kilroy and opponent Deborah Pryce sparring quite heatedly on any and all issues, especially at the second and final debate between the two held at The Ohio State University. In the end, Kilroy lost the election by 1,062 votes (50.2% to 49.7%). Clearly Mary Jo has shown her ability to win in the state of Ohio, and the lack of any strong opposition yet is ringing quite well for her. In fact, the female candidate advocacy group, EMILYs List, is currently including her as one of the primary candidates to contribute to.

To find out more about Mary Jo Kilroy, visit her website here.
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